How to Get Fully Approved Google Adsense Trick

How to know Fully Approved Google Adsense In Techly India 

Hello Friends, all of you are very welcome on my blog, my name is Rehman Ansar and today we are going to talk about how to approve Google adsense approval, that means you have to put Google Adsense Ads on your website and Google Adsense se paise kamane.  So friends,

let's talk Google adsense approval kaise liya jaye Friends, today I am going to share my thoughts with you, how I got google adsense approval, which things did I take care of and how many days did I get Google adsense approval

Google adsense kitne din me approved hota hai Google adsense account (in how many days is approved)

Google adsense policy does not tell that you will get approval in so many days, but google adsense sees your blog website, you have used which templates, if you have to approve google adsense soon, then you have to apply responsive templates, your templates

should be light waight  So that if a user visits your website then there should not be much delay in opening the website and one thing you do not have to put other ads network in your templates and how you have designed it is how your content is 100% unique.  It is very important to copy the data of any website and if you put it on your website, then google adsense will never give you approval.

It is very important to have traffic on your blog, daily visitors to your blog or website should be 100 so that google adsense approval.  If there is no traffic on your website, then there will be loss of google adsense in this, you will not get the benefit of google adsense by giving approval, so it is important to have visitors on your blog only then google adsense will give you approval

Google Adsense kya hai (What is Google Adsense

Google adsense is an adverstiment network that provides us ads on our blog or website which also benefits google adsense and you also google adsense monetize our blog or website and show ads of google adsense on our blog whichever Visitor our  He sees ads on the blog or website, through which he gives us paise

Google Adsense Account Kaise Banaye (How to create Google adsense account)

Google adsense account banana is very easy

To create a Google adsense account, it is very important to have a Gmail account, without gmail id, you cannot create a google adsense account. To create an account of google adsense, you have to visit Google website and fill up the form, you have to fill something down.  step will tell you to follow those steps

 (1) Visit -

You have to visit this site, after visiting this website, you

(2) Sign up is to click on this button, after clicking on the button you will

(3) You have to submit the link of your blog ya website or your youtube channal here, after this you will

(4) After submitting your email id here, you will

(5) Click and save this button, then you have to click

(4) After that you have to open your google account on which you have to create adsense account, gmail id.

(4) You have to select your country as my country is India, after this you will

(4) You have to read the terms and conditions of Google adsense well after that

(4) Click Create account.  Click on this button

(10) You have successfully created google adsense account

You must have understood this information of mine, now let's go to the next topic

Google Adsense se paise kaise kamaye (How to earn money from Google adsense)

Hello friends, I want to tell you that in this world of tomorrow, everyone wants to earn money. If you are thinking Google Adsense se paise kamaneka, then your thinking is right and you are in the right place.

Google Adsense is a very accha platform that you  Month can spend your expenses, so you have to have Confidense is very important Google adsense We can earn money in many ways like website, blog, youtube, we have google adsense se paise kama skte hai in this 3 ways

Website, you can create your website and put Google adsense ads on it and you paise kama skte hai

Blog You can earn money by creating a blog in your bloger.

Youtube you can make money by monetizing your youtube channal

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