How To Create Website Professional Blog Site

How To Create Website Professional Blog Site

Welcome to friends techly india. Today, through this post, I am going to tell that everyone's dream is to make website kaise banaye, apni website kaise banaye, free website kaise banaye, friends, friends but hardly any of them You know about friends today, I will tell you friends that you too can make your own website and make your dreams come true. Blog Kaise Banate Hain

Every person has a different reason behind making friends website. Friends, there are many people who want to make blogging by making a website or wish a lot of money by creating a website. And among them, there are many people who want to advertise their product by creating a website.

Friends, do you know that you can also create your website for free with the help of Google. Islay we will tell you in today's post that before making a free website Blog Kaise Banaye friends, we need to know what is the website? How does a website work? So let's know


Friends Website Banane Ke is such a very sari website, with the help of which you can make your website easily. Some of these are paid websites, you have to pay some money to build a website from such a platform. And out of these, there are some such platforms which are absolutely free, in which you do not have to pay to build a website. To create a paid website, you need a domain and web hosting that you have to buy. You have to pay to buy it. You get a lot of benefits in a paid website and in a free website, you get benefits from paid websites.

Create WordPress & Blogger

Friends, let me tell you that a blog and a website say the same thing, there is a slight difference between these two friends. Not everyone can be a website blog but a blog can work like a website. Friends know that free blog Kaise Banaye Step By Step Techly India

  • Step 1: Visit Blogger Website

Friends, you should first go to your Chrome and search it, after searching, open this website, friends, do you know that Google is a free service, hey blogger, now you signe up on Blogger one of your create id, sign in after id is created,

  • Step 2: Sign In To Blogger

Having sign in, you will open a window, after seeing an option, a page will open in front of you and click “Create New Blog” in it. Again a window will open in front of you, in which you give your website name and website title, and your address and website theme.

Responsive Blogger Template Used

Title - Put your blog in the title, the name with which you want to create your blog, you can name anything according to your website or blog. Address - In this you have to enter the url of the website, friends if you are blogging for free website. If you do, then you will get written with your website, if you take paid website, then you have to set that domain with your blogger. Theme - Now you have to choose the theme of your choice, in order to do this, there are many templates in Blogger from which you can select a theme which will make your website look good.

  • Step 3: Create Your Blog

After inserting the summary information, now you click on the "Create Blog" button, after that your website will be ready, now you can also write posts in your blog,

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Friends, if you are also wondering how to create a website like Google, then follow the steps given below.

.Com Register Domain Name?

Friends, first of all, you should suck your domain name, let the domain name suck so that your blog is on the same topic, if you are creating a website for the information of technology, then you should select the same name as technology.
Friends domain you can buy from a website like godaddy. You have to pay some money to buy it. Which makes your website run.

Find The Best Web Hosting Company

After buying friends domain, you have to get hosting from any company, you can buy it from any hosting website. For this, you have to pay every month, only after that your website will be displayed.

Create your content Unique

Now see what kind of posts your users want to read through your website. These things or the interest of the user shows that on which topic you have to write a post, this will help you in writing the post, it will help you easily.

Friends, you can also keep a single band for designing your website theme. Or you can also do this, you can hire anyone to write your content and manage your website.

Create your Professional own website

Friends, you can also create your own website by following the information given by me. If you cannot create a website by yourself, then you can easily get your website built by meeting a website developer. One thing you have to keep always, you will have to keep your website updated, friends, if you are thinking of blogging, then you can create a website by yourself, but you will have to meet a website developer to seo you to get your website seo Hey


Friends, go to your own website create in today? information in details, hope you have understood the website kaise banaye in hindi, you must have understood and your work will also come, if you have any questions or thoughts related to this post, then you will send me in the comment box. By commenting, we can ask that our team will try to answer your questions as soon as possible, hoping that you will like all our posts, then we will remain on this website from techgyani Be content if I live Always bring you guys find is keeping his care until the next new post.


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