Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

Money making What Is Affiliate Marketing
 What Is Affiliate Marketing

Money making What Is Affiliate Marketing

Hello friends how are you all hope you will be fine, so friends, what we are going to talk about today is the affiliate market, so let's start ..… ..

 What Is Affiliate Marketing

So friends first of all know what is affiliate marketing, then let me tell you, affiliatemarketing is a thing in which you sell someone's product and they give you commission as if I believe something or mine.  There is a phone and if I say that you sell this phone and I will get 20 percent of the phone you will sell after the sale of this phone, then this is what

friends have seen in the affiliate market to do so many platforms.  So today we are going to know about what the market is and how it is done, so I have told you, so now let's talk about how it is done….

 How To Work On Affiliate Marketing

Friends now talk about how the affiliate market is done, then the option of affiliate market gives you a lot of platforms such as Amazon has become Flipkart, has become Clearbank, has become Snapdeal, which are big platforms, and except shopping etc.  All products are available except on those platforms, you will get the option of affiliate market, there you can market the affiliate, then we will talk about how we can market affiliate on Amazon's low Amazon. First of all we have to go to

Amazon.  If you login on Saina up on the website and there, you will see an option in the account. I have told you how friends are done, Amazon also offers the same thing, you can sell any product.  If you have signed up for Amazon, then you have picked up any product and selected any product, after that you are given the URL link, now let me tell you that from your URL link  As many people purchase that product  Te

commission is given to you, this is what happens, through friends affiliate market, you can do such a late market and can also add a lot of money, affiliate market friends are bonfire on every platform like Flipkart has become Snapdeal  You can market the affiliate on whatever you want and you can earn money from there, you can update any product and get commission, so now let's talk about how we will sell it ……

 How To Sell Affiliate Product

Friends now talk about how we have to sell it, so to do such a sale, friends, you have to promote it, so for this you have to go on Facebook and there are many groups to join, such as your mobile product.  If you have selected, then join a group where your product can run, when you join this group in that way, then you can promote yourself there and as soon as anyone from your link will buy anything, commission for that

product. You will get to join such groups where your product can be run, if you have not joined such groups where your product cannot run, then there is no use then friends, ie if you have selected a health product then  It will not work in the group of gaming, in the same way you have to join the same group where you can product, it can run ………

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