How To Create You Tube Channel Make Money With YouTube

How to create youtube channel free and earn money online with you tube

How To Create You Tube Channel Make Money With YouTube
How To Create You Tube Channel

Youtube Channel Kaise Banaye Aur Paise Kaise Kamaye, 2020 me

Hi Guys, how are you, I hope all of you will be good. Welcome to our site on and today I am going to tell you how you can create your own YouTube channel and make a good income from it. e is no need to give any money for absolutely free, so let's stay with us in which article.

Friends, you have to read this article completely, only then you will be able to create your own YouTube channel, otherwise you will not understand anything and you will not be able to earn money online and then you will comment on me, if you do not understand anything, then I have already spoken to you friend  Have you read the article completely plz.

 How To Create You Tube Channel Free

First of all, you have to create your e-mail ID, you can create it on your PC laptop or any mobile with a fresh new mobile number. There is no problem in it, just you have to create a fresh Gmail ID and you have to create your YouTube channel on that Gmail ID.  And to earn money from there is absolutely free today I will tell you in full detail Stay connected with us.

Friend, on that email id you have to create a YouTube channel in your name, you have to name your YouTube channel which is not the name on the whole YouTube that you would like to do, you have to enter a fresh name which is not on the whole Youtube only then your channel  Search results will come and soon there will be Growing and good traffic will also come on your YouTube channel.

Guys talks about earning money. I told you how you can earn money online.

You have to upload the video on your YouTube channel and yes you do not have to pick the video from anywhere or else you will not be able to earn money and your channel can also be closed by YouTube, you have to make your own video and put it.

If you pick up someone's video and upload it to your YouTube channel, then there may be a copyright strike on your YouTube channel and your channel may be permanently closed.

Your Fans And Your You Tube Subscriber 

And any category or related to them on your YouTube channel. Make Money, Blogging, Education, Entertainment, Technology, Emotional, Hart Touching, Related can also upload videos, but videos should be there, you should not pick up videos from elsewhere and put them on your YouTube channelDo not upload someone else's videos on your YouTube channel, it will be better for you and is also the best and best way to earn money.

You have to upload videos on your own channel, you have to put at least 15 to 25 videos on your own channel, it should be your own.

And you will get fan following by uploading videos and your chances of becoming famous will increase if you work on YouTube in the right way by uploading your own videos.

Complete Your Subscriber & Watch Time 

And you should have 1000 subscribers and 4000 youtube watch time on your youtube channel only then your channel will be monetized and you will earn money from there. That subscribe and watch time you have to complete from your youtube videos when your 1000 subscribers and 4000 youtube watch time completes  it happens .

Then your channel will go to review. Your YouTube channel with YouTube will check who you have uploaded your video or your own and how the subscriber completes in a fake or Jainvan manner and how you compile YouTube watch time if all is well.  If it is running, then it takes at least 2 days to monetize your channel, more than 8 days can also bring 2 weeks to monetize.

Your You Tube Channel Monetize And Start Earning 

If it takes 2 days for your YouTube channel to be checked, then 101% of your YouTube channel will be monetized with the guarantee through YouTube and all your video which you uploaded the video will be monetized on your YouTube channel.  After monetization, Google's ADS will start playing on all your videos.

After running the ad, you will have income from your own YouTube channel, as I told you in the beginning that you can earn money by creating YouTube channel and how YouTube money was like your bank account, then how can you make money from YouTube friend?  No money has to be paid, upload videos and earn money online is absolutely free.

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